How to Become a Writing Center Consultant

All consultants must successfully complete Eng 319: Writing Center Workshop, which is taught by the Writing Center Director. While taking this class, “consultants-in-training” are mentored for 2 hours per week in the Writing Center and they study writing across the disicplines, writing in different genres, strategies for helping writers address their rhetorical situations and for producing more effective writing. After completing the class successfully, students are then eligible to apply to work in the WC.

It’s best if the Writing Center has consultants from all different disciplines, so consider taking the class and becoming a WC consultant! One of the best ways to become a more effective writer is to learn how writing is different in different disciplines/contexts and to help others with their own writing.

If you're interested in becoming a consultant, contact either The Writing Center Director or the Program Assistant for more informaton.

Writing Center Director | Dr. Julia Bleakney |
Program Assistant | Rachel Branson |