Faculty Information

Faculty are invited to visit the Writing Center and work with a trained undergraduate consultant on their own professional or personal writing.

In addition, the Writing Center offers the following services in support of faculty/staff who assign and teach writing in their courses:

  • One-to-one 45-minute appointments with a trained undergraduate consultant. Please remind your students to bring their assignment guidelines to the session and that they can make appointments through our online scheduling software.
  • Student Reports: Faculty will receive a Report when one of their students visits the Writing Center (with student approval of course; students may ask that this Report not be sent). These Reports are valuable because they inform faculty when a student has taken the time to visit the WC as well as the writing issues/features that the student discussed with a consultant.
  • The Writing Center Statement to include in your course syllabi.
  • An "Introduction to the Writing Center" presentation, describing the WC's consulting philosophy, resources, and services. Presentations are given by consultants. You may request an "Introduction" at any point in the term (at the start of the semester, when beginning a new writing project, when encouraging students to revise, etc.). To sign up for a Writing Center Introduction Class Visit, please fill out the form here
  • Online Writing Resources, including documentation handouts.
  • Anonymous Writing Assignment Feedback - Get feedback on your writing assignment from trained consultants.

Please contact Rachel Branson, Program Assistant, if you have questions about our services or need assistance.