Providing Accommodations

Students with disabilities who request accommodations will provide each professor with a letter from the Disabilities Resources Coordinator; this letter identifies the individual as a student with a disability and lists the accommodations that are approved for that student.  Professors and students with disabilities are expected to have a private, confidential conversation about how these accommodations will be arranged.  Any questions or difficulties with arranging accommodations should be addressed to the Disabilities Resources Coordinator.

Professors are strongly encouraged to provide classroom accommodations only to students who have identified themselves through the process outlined above. There are a number of issues surrounding the accommodation of students who have not registered with the Disabilities Resources Office, including legal entanglements and conflicting student expectations.  If you are ever uncertain about your obligations in this process, please do not hesitate to contact the Disabilities Resources Coordinator.

Accommodations that constitute a fundamental alteration of the curriculum are not appropriate and will not be approved by the Disabilities Resources Office.  Additionally, accommodations are NEVER provided retroactively; requests for accommodations after a test is administered or an assignment is due will not be provided.