Tuesday, June 25, 2013 | 11:15 – 12:30 PM Concurrent B Sessions


B.1 Personal Connections and Future Applications: Implications for Transfer from The Meaningful Writing Project

  • Anne Ellen Geller, St. John's University
  • Neal Lerner, Northeastern University
  • Michele Eodice, University of Oklahoma

B.2 Transfer across Domains

  • Heather Lindenman, University of Maryland, Extending Transfer Across Domains: Personal, Extracurricular, and Professional
  • Stephanie White, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “I stopped writing for myself”: Student perspectives on transfer of rhetorical knowledge from community-engaged writing courses
  • Graham Smart and Jennifer Gilbert, Carelton University, Revisiting the Question of Writing Transfer: Tales from the Workplace

B.3 Reflection and Metacognition

  • Dawn Opel, Arizona State University, Space for Reflection on Transfer: Metacognition and Recontextualization in First Year Composition Curricula at Arizona State University
  • Janet Bean, University of Akron, Metacognition and Misguided Strategies: What We Learned about Student Reflection from a Large-Scale Assessment of First year Composition Portfolios


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