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Teaching First Year Students

Welcome! Students entering Elon University undergo an extensive orientation and a well designed first-year program to help them adjust to college life and create a foundation for their future studies. This site provides an overview of the orientation, academic, advising and student life experiences that greet new students (and in some cases transfer students) as they enter the University.

Teachers of First Year Students

If you come to this site as a full-time, temporary or adjunct faculty member at Elon who is scheduled to teach first-year students, use it to help know who your students are (Elon first-year student profile and first-year surveys), what you can expect of your students (Elon Honor Code) and ideas for how you can structure and teach your courses (Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning).

First year students bring valuable experiences with them and are excited about the possibilities for self discovery and intellectual challenge that await them. You can do your part by creating classes that engage students in solving problems, help them question their surroundings and challenge them to question the facts they encounter. Because Elon’s classes are scheduled for a longer time period (70-minute or 100-minute) than the traditional 50-minute class at many universities, students can be provided time to engage with the subject and each other. The links on this First Year site should help acquaint you with many opportunities for new students. If you have questions or concerns you would like the First Year Committee to address, send them to Mary Wise at wisemary@elon.edu.

New Students

If you come to this site as a prospective or a new student, we hope it will prepare you for the wide range of activities that await you. You have likely already communicated with Elon’s Office of Admissions. Many other offices will be important to you in your first year at Elon: Orientation Office, General Studies Office, Academic Advising and Student Life. As you look through these links, begin to identify areas of study, activities and goals you would like to pursue when you arrive.


If you come to this site as the parent of a future Elon student, use it as a guide to the resources available to your son or daughter, and as a starting point to initiate discussions about opportunities and responsibilities in college.