Engaged Learning Sessions

While many meetings held before fall semester begins are designed to help students learn the campus geography and student life policies, one meeting specifically focuses on what students can expect in their academic experience, and how they can prepare to be active participants in the learning process.

Held on Monday, just a day before classes start, these 90+ groups of students, 20-30 per room, gather around campus to visit with a faculty member about their upcoming journey. While each of the hour-long section will vary slightly in topic and structure, some of the recurring themes include:

-How are classes in college different than in high school?
-What responsibilities do students have in the learning process?
-What are the goals of a liberal arts education?
-How can you be successful in a class?
-What kinds of relationships do Elon faculty members hope to have with their students?
-What “habits of mind” should students develop early in their academic career?
-What does it mean to participate productively in a group activity?
-What is a student’s primary goal during four years of college/university study?
-How can you participate in a respectful disagreement with another student or the professor?

In addition to addressing these larger overarching questions, some sections encourage students to ask questions about the more routine policies of class attendance and class etiquette.

The goal of this session is to help students realize that their education is something they must reach for actively, not sit back and expect it to be given to them.