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Spring Orientation

Students who have paid their enrollment deposits are invited to attend a Spring Orientation Weekend hosted by the Office of Admission. Although this is not a requirement to enroll at Elon, it is highly encourage and approximately 2/3 of the First-Year Class attend one of the weekends. This is a great opportunity for students to take a first, second or even third look at Elon before they make their final decision. Students have the opportunity to meet peers who are also interested in attending Elon and find out more about the institution.

Students meet with academic advisors and orientation leaders to get details on class registration, academic rigor, and co-curricular experiences. Spring Orientation weekends provide students a chance to get a feel for college life at Elon.

Spring Orientation includes a special presentation for students called "How to Survive (or Not Survive) in College." This will provides students with great tips on time management, how to handle college classes, getting used to a new college environment and much more. Parents also get their very own "How to Survive" presentation so they can prepare for empowering their student at Elon.

For more details about Spring Orientation weekend please visit: www.elon.edu/admissions