Elon Teacher-Scholar Statement
What does it mean to be an excellent faculty member at Elon? What are the values of the faculty? To collectively answer these questions and communicate its shared values, in 2003 the Elon faculty crafted “The Elon Teacher-Scholar” statement, a cornerstone of the university. Faculty at Elon embrace the ideal of the teacher-scholar, and have defined that ideal, its values, and its expectations in this statement.

Faculty funding
Visit the Faculty Funding website to learn about internal and external funding opportunities to support full-time faculty in their research and development as teacher-scholars.

Sponsored Programs
Sponsored Programs at Elon University promotes and facilitates research and scholarly activities for faculty and administrative staff by helping them locate and secure external funding.

Institutional Review Board
On behalf of Elon University, the Institutional Review Board's (IRB) major role is to safeguard the rights and welfare of all human subjects who participate in research projects conducted by Elon.

Belk Library
Elon’s Carol Grotnes Belk Library is a rich resource for teacher-scholars. If you have questions for a librarian before you arrive at Elon, contact Patrick Rudd.