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Welcome to the 9th Annual Teaching and Learning Conference at Elon University!

Elon University welcomes area university and college educators to the 9th Annual Teaching and Learning Conference, jointly sponsored by Elon's Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning (CATL) and Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT) (learn more at elon.edu/teaching).

Teaching and learning happen in a wide variety of places and spaces, ranging from the traditional classroom, laboratory, and studio to diverse settings in our local and global communities. Regardless of the physical or virtual context of our teaching, we aim to help students gain content knowledge while also developing important skills to think critically, to communicate clearly, and to act responsibly. Research demonstrates the benefits of engaged learning in meeting those goals, but many of us struggle to effectively and efficiently assess the student learning that occurs in complex settings, including collaborative classroom projects and immersive off-campus experiences.

During our 2012 conference on teaching, learning, and assessing in traditional and non-traditional settings, we will explore how to design, guide, and evaluate student learning experiences in complex contexts, using tools from cutting-edge technology to old-fashioned rubrics.

More Details

  • free, one day conference for area university and college educators, instructional technologists, and others interested in teaching and learning in higher education
  • morning beverages and lunch will be provided
  • network with peers from other institutions
  • explore new technologies in the Technology Exhibit Hall