62. Hide-and-Seek

Elizabeth Bacher

Pictured above, two Nicaraguan children play hide-and-seek in the small village of Papayal, Nicaragua. The photo on the left is the original, while the photo on the right is edited to add effect. I took this photo in February of 2010 during my first mission trip to Nicaragua. Children are easy to connect with regardless of any sort of language barrier, but something it took longer for me to realize was the importance of education in their lives. In this picture, the girl on the right is wearing the typical school uniform, which must be purchased by the family. If unable to afford the uniform, many families do not send their children to school because they are embarrassed by their poverty. While education is obviously a necessity, it ties in to many social justice issues including promoting opportunity, reducing inequality, and lessening the impact of gang violence. This picture represents the idea that where you live determines the quality and level of education you receive, which is definitely a social justice issue that should be the focus of those working to improve human rights. By receiving education, children learn critical thinking skills necessary for solving problems and being leaders in their home country. Leadership and problem-solving are two skills that, as much as outsiders may try to teach, natives must be able to learn on their own in order to promote positive and sustainable change.

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