73. The Glass Ceiling

Author: Natalie Brown, Sophomore

Gazed off in the distance
Avoiding my stare,
She picked at her bracelet
Played with her hair

“Please repeat that,” I asked
“I didn’t quite hear”
A look in her eyes
Embarrassment? Fear?

“A doctor” she mumbled
“That’s what I said”
Despite my confusion,
I nodded my head

“But why the long face?
That’s a wonderful job”
After hearing her reason,
My head started to throb

She began to believe
All that the people said
Their unwise words
Were filling her head

“That’s really tough work”
Is how they began
The first thing they said
That discouraged her plan

She tried to ignore
What they meant to imply
And how she knew it’d be different
If she were a guy

“Let me tell you something,”
I said to her,
“You choose your own path,
It’s your future”

I continued to lecture
Until I could see
She was once again proud
Of what she wanted to be

“Now tell me once more
What it is you will do”
“I will be a doctor,
The greatest one, too!”

A sense of relief
And a wonderful feeling
I got when I knew
She’d push through the glass ceiling

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