106. Students Protest Intolerance at College Coffee

Author: Garrett Grumbach, Sophomore

Students staged a demonstration at a College Coffee in May, protesting what they claim is intolerance and inaction at Elon University. “Your silence is acceptance,” senior Jasmine Whaley said, starting the protest. In unison, the protestors yelled slurs including “faggot,” “dyke,” “nigger,” “coon,” and “feminazi.” After each slur, an individual student said: “Don’t accept it, speak against it.”
“You are probably more offended by the words than the culture of apathy that allows it to happen,” Whaley said. “And that’s the problem.” Before the protest, flyers were scattered around campus using many of the same slurs. One such flyer read “Students call me a faggot because I’m gay, and that’s okay with Elon.” The bottom of each flyer also included the hashtag #ItsNotOver. Both an open letter to the Elon community and public demonstration ended with the protestors promising that there is still much work to do and that, “Its not over.”

Journalism Story Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IY9bS6oKzHU

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