91. "Where Shopping is a Pleasure"

Author: Danielle Kurtin, First Year

Women abounding with colors astounding!
Smooth pearls gleam and glimmer
Taunt seams haunt the dreams
Of rich and powerful men
Whose hearts and jeans
Crave bedroom scenes
(better left unwritten)

But a grabbed wrist earns flashing eyes
“Business?” is all they inquire.
A cool nod towards her thighs
“Business” is desired.

When she tumbles to the duvet
Her dress billows above her;
Its descent delayed
To the oft-worn covers.
The soft dents in the pillow
Form a perfect halo for your head.
She gets on top and starts to rock
With all the passion of the dead.

Her eyes don’t match her motions
Uneasiness tiptoes in.
Legs smooth (just lotioned)
Serve dual purpose-
Machinery and limbs.

What to you is heated passion
To her is a fashion of fare.
Your pleasure a measure of how well her endeavors
Will strip your wallet bare.

The Queen of Hearts sneers as you depart-
This slut claims more souls than Satan.
Your satiated appetite and temporary delight
Pale to your wife in waiting.

During dinner time and family wine
Your mind is filled with guilt.
Because of your crime
(Ah, business divine)
She climbs into beds of silk.
“Done for the night”, she thinks with delight
And falls into easy, dreamless slumber.
While you, dear customer
Begin to suffer
The repercussions of your actions.

This poem was written for a friend, now sadly in the prostitution business. It was written as a form of empowerment- it shows her the strength she has and that it is a form of honest labor. Everything in the poem is all she tells me of how she feels, and what it's like. Though some wording may be viewed as harsh it is accurate to the best of her and my abilities

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