70. Protests on the Ponte Santa Trinita

Michelle Landahl

This photo was taken in Florence, Italy in June of 2010. Although it may look like a pretty parade, this photo captures quite a significant event.  This was soon after another major economic downturn took place in Italy; in response, some people decided to take to the streets and demand a new political system by peacefully demonstrating for Communism to return to Italy. This photo was taken from the Ponte Vecchio (one of Italy’s most famous bridges) and focuses on the Ponte Santa Trinita, the oldest elliptic arch bridge in the world. The protesters specifically crossed the Ponte Santa Trinita, and despite being over 500 years old, it easily supported them. The statement the people sent their government that day was clear; the sturdy footing of their past (with roots that extend to Communism) is where they chose to stand, and it proved it could support them even today. 

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