69. Untitled

Kate Levenberg

This is actually a picture of a drawing I made this year. If you can’t tell what word my art piece is throwing out in front of you, that’s okay. While the word displayed may enhance the meaning of this piece, I was hoping that my work contained enough information that you could come to the same conclusion regardless. What you should notice right away, is that my word is not continuously the same language. By blending the languages of Hebrew, Islam, Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish, Darja, Portuguese, and Thai, I wanted the viewer to walk away with a feeling of coexistence and acceptance.  The scrambled letters that fade into one another are supposed to represent that while different cultures around the world may say my word differently, we are all working towards the same goal. My word is peace. Even though it may be the same word translated into another language, peace can mean drastically different things in two different cultures. Peace means something completely different when I say it compared to someone saying peace in Israel, or Korea, or anywhere else in the world. It is easy for all of us to take our meaning for peace for granted. While looking at my piece I hope you ponder the importance of this word, and how lucky we are to experience peace on a regular basis. Peace is a common goal that the whole world strives for, but we cannot reach it without accepting and helping one another.

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