68. The Crèche Line

Kaitlyn Palumbo


 This was a photo I took in a squatter camp named Diepsloot in South  Africa. Estimates guess that 250,000 people live in the 2.5 miles that make up Diepsloot. The inhabitants live in makeshift shacks without electricity or running water. The mansions that lie just across the street make this poverty even more apparent. In Diepsloot I was helping out in a crèche (a preschool), and I saw this little girl standing on the other side of the fence watching us. In South Africa, the family must pay for all schooling. This little girl was out in the middle of the day and not wearing a school uniform, which probably meant that her parents could not afford for her to go attend school. Instead she was roaming the community and watching the more fortunate kids play during their recess time. After this photo was taken, my team members and I did venture outside of the fenced in crèche and help families with chores and played with the children, including this one.

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