60. The Invisibles

Maria Riofrio

This is a one of the photos I took for my social segregation photography project while I was in Seville, Spain. Soon after I arrived in Spain, I began to see first hand the severe economic crisis. Professionals that had stable jobs their whole lives were laid off and were forced into the streets with no opportunity for future employment. People that had a comfortable lifestyle had become extremely precautious with spending. Additionally, I saw how numerous and despaired the poor of the city were. As study abroad students, we didn’t pay attention or really cared about these people in the streets. We were always focused on the glamorous face of Sevilla, and never seemed to see their faces. These people became invisible in our daily lives. My project gives a voice to these people. I wanted my images to recognize the lives and struggles of these “invisibles” through their signs and request, without showing their faces. This picture is particularly important to me because it was taken from the point of view of someone empathizing, at ground level, with a homeless woman.

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