80. The Difference

Author: Sara Werbowski, Senior

You see long legs, a short skirt, high boots- no matter what I wear.
You see a flirtatious laugh and a too-long touch.
You see a kind word, spoken in respect, as a sexual invitation.
You see a soft heart to work over, a gives-too-much spirit.
You see the threat of me, gaining momentum, so
you choose to identify me as meek, and wavering.
You see insecurity and gossipy frivolity.
You see hard-working but not enough.
Don’t scoff at me. Don’t pat me on the head.
I am ready for your challenge.
I am hot to my core, though not in superficiality.
I am pure in intention, intentional in conversation, and I don’t think twice about your sexual wants.
I am iconic, strong in mind and heart.
I allow your frivolity to sway you off-course.
I am controlled in my decisions.
Empirically-defined and intuition-lead, I will overcome the background noise you conjure.
I am affectionate by choice and powerful by design.
This is the difference
Between you and me.

Highlighting the injustice of the perception of females; often seen for nothing more than our physical appearance and our entertainment.

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