Tips for Creative Writing Entries

1.  Think creatively, of course.This category includes any imaginative writing such as fiction, poetry, lyrics, plays and other imaginative pieces that involve or address human rights and social justice in a creative way.

2.  Discuss your ideas and drafts with others. Conversations with professors, family members and friends can help you develop your ideas and sharpen your entry.

3.  Decide whether you want to present your entry as text or performace. For example, you can have judges and others read your poem, story, or song—or you can have them watch a video of you reading it. If you wish, you could have both by placing a link to your video in the file that has your printed text.

4.  Come to the Writing Center. Drop in or make an appointment online for any of the Writing Center's three locations: Belk Library, Multicuiltural Center, and Koury Business Center.

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