Tips for Electronic Media Entries

1.  Remember that the visual is as important as the verbal. Pay attention to the images, colors, and other visual elements in your entry.

2. If you are creating a video or digital movie, consider creating a detailed script. You might focus especially on the integration of the images with the sound.

3. If your project includes branching (as in an interactive narrative or a website), consider developing a flow chart or site map. These aids may help you guide readers in ways that enhance your project's effectiveness.

4.  Discuss your ideas and drafts with others. Conversations with professors, family members and friends can help you develop your ideas and sharpen your presentation.

5.  If you are creating a website or similar interactive communication, conduct usability tests. Be sure that it is easy for users to understand and navigate.

6.  Come to the Writing Center. Drop in or make an appointment online for any of the Writing Center's three locations: Belk Library, Multicuiltural Center, and Koury Business Center. The Belk Library location has large screens on which you and the consultant can view your creation.

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