Award Winners in Elon's Human Rights and Social Justice Writing Contest 2013-2014


Julia Schast: "Battle of the Sexes: Why the United States Has Not Yet Ratified the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)"

Mary-Kathryn Smith: "Racial Inequality in the U.S. Criminal Justice System: How Does It Feel To Be A Problem?"

Kaitlin Stober: "Being Human: A Critical Reflection on Personhood, Disability, and the Role of Language"

People's Choice Award given to Avery McGaha: "Climate Change, Human Security, and the New Landscape of Social Justice"



Brianna Duff: "Through the Glass"

Jordan Duffey: "Gimcrack National Park"

Alli Ginsburg: "My Religion is a Book Club"

Rebekah Hackney: "White Girl"

People's Choice Award given to Katy Steele: "For Davante"



Nicole Chadwick: "Diversity at Elon"

Kathleen Harper: "Exploring the Hidden World of Human Trafficking"

Katy Steele: "James Barnett - A Man Who Gave Up Everything He Owned To Live on the Streets and Love the Poor"

Alex Ward: "Lifting the Veil"

People's Choice Award given to Katy Steele:  "James Barnett - A Man Who Gave Up Everything He Owned To Live on the Streets and Love the Poor"



Michelle Landahl: "Protests on the Ponte Santa Trinita"

Maria Riofrio: "The Invisibles"

Gloria So:  "Spirit of Malawi"

People's Choice Award given to Benjamin Lutz: "Arbeit Macht Frei"



Natalie Brown: "Slavery in the Cocoa Industry"

Matthew Eastman: "You Are What You Eat: Aramark"

Katy Steele:  "Paperhand: Puppet Intervention"

People's Choice Award given to Katy Steele: "Paperhand: Puppet Intervention"



Morgan Abate: "Los Hermanos de Tegucigalpa (Spanish)"

Samantha Burch: "La importancia de manglares y arrecifes de coral: Proteja esta vida marina. Proteja nuestros derechos humanos básicos (Spanish)"

Meg MacHonis: "L'ignorance, la mère de tous les maux (French)"

People's Choice Award given to Sarah Colangelo: "Los hablantes de herencia en la clase de español: Los retos académicos y sus implicaciones pedagógicas (Spanish)"


LEGAL WRITING (For students in the Elon University School of Law)

Madeline Obler-Grill:  "Extraordinary Rendition:  the United States’ Solution to Prevent Terrorism that Resulted in Countless Violations of the Convention Against Torture"

Michael Wynn:  "Brief in Support of Applicant’s Application for Asylum"

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