Human Right's and Social Justice Writing Contest

Elon's Writing Excellence Initiative created Judges Grand Awards and People's Choice Awards in six categories. All Elon students were eligible to enter. In all, 138 entries were submitted. Winners of the Judges Grand Awards were selected by panels of faculty and staff. Nearly 1,000 votes were cast by students in the People's Choice competition. 



The Writing Excellence Initiative thanks the 32 wonderful judges for this contest. Download the Judges List.


This writing contest is sponsored by all academic divisions, many academic departments and programs, and many special programs and centers. Read sponsor list.


We invite you to read, enjoy, and learn from the winning entries in all six categories, plus a special category for students in the Elon School of Law.

Online list of Winners, with links to their entries.

E-NET article on Awards Ceremony.

Printable list of Winners.

All Entries

We invite you to also read the entries prepared by Elon students. Everyone associated with the contest was thoroughly impressed with the variety, creativity, and excellence of all 138 submissions.

Research Papers (entries 1 through 58)

Photos — (entries 59 through 70)

Creative Writing Group 1— (entries 71 through 95)

Journalism — (entries 96 through 112)

Electronic Media — (entries 113 through 120)

World Langauges — (entries 121 through 138)

Research Papers (entries 1 through 58)

1.    Female Genital Mutilation: An Inclusive Examination Through A Public Health Lens
        Meredith Berk

2.    Racial Inequality in the U.S. Criminal Justice System: How Does It Feel To Be A Problem?
        Mary-Kathryn Smith

3.    Same-Sex Marriage Must Be Federally Legalized
        Riley Billman

4.    Trafficking: What Conor Grennan’s Little Princes Left Out
        BreAna Brown

5.    Untitled
        Anna Patterson

6.    Right-less Refugees: Policy and violence in refugee camps
        Sarah Harrs

7.    Contributions of Historically Black Land-Grant Colleges and Universities to the American Civil Rights Movement of the    1950’s and 60’s
       Zachary Fisher

8.   Loving Thy Neighbor And Loving Thy Self
       Kailey Tracy

9.   Giving one percent: Why foreign aid is not hurting the United States
       Lauryl Fischer

10. Social Inequality & the US Education System
       Sara Werbowski

11. The Multicolored Mouse: The Necessity of Disney Diversity
       Gabriela Alvarez

12. The 2006 Lebanon War: Israel’s Disproportionate Response
       Mitchell Baroody

13. Being Human: A Critical Reflection on Personhood, Disability, and the Role of Language
       Kaitlin Stober

14. Climate Change, Human Security, and the New Landscape of Social Justice
       Avery McGaha

15. Human Rights and Social Justice
 Caitlin Rudd

16. A Shadow Named Gita: An Analysis of Domestic versus International Aid Work in Eliminating the Hindu Nepal Caste System
       Samantha Italiano

17. Untitled
 Amy McCurdy

18. The Dream Act: A Flawed Patch for the Cracked and Pothole-Filled Road to Citizenship
Jack Doyle

19. Access to Fast Food Vs. Fresh Produce as a Social Justice Issue: What if Your Race, Ethnicity and Socioeconomic Status Shaped Your Food Choices?
 Ilana Israel

20. Mining for Gold: Child Labor in Tanzania
Rachel Waller

21. Untitled
Amy Good

22. Untitled
Rebecca Levine

23. The basics of social justice: Ubuntu, I am because we are
Savannah Bradley

24. Untitled
Maia Szulik

25. Operation Imperialism in Rwanda: Why unilateral interventions are blinded by strategic interests
       Gregory Zitelli

26. The Growth and Implication of the Southern United States Eugenics Movement
Kirstie Deprey

27. Using Globalization and Development To Combat Human Trafficking and Slavery
Ameya Benegal

28. Americans: Influential Yet Globally Ignorant of Humans Rights and Social Justices
Alexandra Lambiris

29. Children's Nutrition
Tayler Johnston

30. Humanitarian Immigration Law Clinic Legal Brief
Michael Wynne

31. Affirmative Action: Is it Just?
       Kyle Ottaway

32. Slavery in the Cocoa Industry
Natalie Brown

33. Battle of the Sexes: Why the United States Has Not Yet Ratified the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)
Julia Schast

34. Gun Violence: Developing Strategies for Safer Schools and Communities
Allison Forhan

35. The Physician’s Dilemma: To Treat or Not to Treat
Sarah Galinko

36. Discrimination on Illegal Mexican Immigrants in the Workplace
Anthony Velasquez

37. A Cross Cultural Comparison: What are Chinese child rearing practices in comparison to American child rearing practices?
       Sara Alger

38. Poverty and Gang Life in El Salvador: Making Strides through Effective Development
Skyler Cowans

39. “An Adaptive Approach”: The Regional Ramifications of Glacial Melting
Emma Nault

40. Plights to Rights: The Struggle for Equality for the Women of Iraq
Ciara Corcoran

41. Security Concerns or Human Rights Violation: Niqab Bans in the United Kingdom
Julia Phillips

42. An Argument for Christian Same-Sex Unions
Shelby Lewis

43. Anti-miscegenation in Southern Literature
Lauren Phillips

44. Welfare under Water: TVA as an Impetus for Socioeconomic Change
Jennifer Archis

45. Adolescent Suicide: Saving Our Youth 
Christopher Greene

46. The Evolution of Medical Apartheid in America
Taylor Glenn

47. A Global Profile: Sexual Violence Against Women 
Juliana Swaren

48. Rape in India
Meghan Greene

49. Hypocrisy in Healing

       Alaina Kiesel

50. The Cultural Decline of Native Americans
Summerbrook Courtney-Lawson

51. Human Rights and the Olympic Games: China Center Stage 
       Erin Scally

52. Cybercrime: The Risks of Technology
Jenny Faig

53. Colombian Drug Empires: A Recommendation Based on the Last 20 Years of Columbian Drug History Directed to: The Drug Enforcement Agency of the United States of America
Colleen Fitzpatrick

54. Extraordinary Rendition: The United States’ Solution to Prevent Terrorism that Resulted in Countless Violations of the Convention Against Torture
Madeline Obler-Grill

55. Ineffectiveness Of The Kimberly Process In The Fight Against Diamond Abuses
Blaire Davidowitz

56. A Third World Problem Moving Into the First World
Theresa Gilligan

57. Women’s’ Rights: A Chronicle of Ophelia’s Fall into Madness 
Katarina Williams

58. Hope for the Helpless
Kelley Dodge


Photos — (entries 59 through 70)

59. Saving A Life
Juliana Sierra

60. The Invisibles
Maria Riofrio

61. "Arbeit Macht Frei"
Benjamin Lutz

62. Hide-and-Seek
Elizabeth Bacher

63. Prison Wall
Ruth Gray

64. Nepali Women Working in Fair Conditions
Samantha Italiano

65. Spirit of Malawi
Gloria So

66. "To Day Is Our Day"
Dawson Nicholson

67. The Tag That Explains Little
Bethany Stafford Smith

68. The Creche Line
Kaitlyn Palumbo

69. Untitled
Kate Levenberg

70. Protests on the Ponte Santa Trinita
Michelle Landahl


Creative Writing, Group 1 — (entries 71 through 95)

71. Untitled
Darrah O'Flaherty

71A. A Most Resistant Path 
       Miranda Baker

72. A Cut for Honor: A short story
       Laura Poe

73. The Class Ceiling
Natalie Brown

74. Through the Glass
Brianna Duff

75. The Alley Master
Kelly August

76. What's Done Is Done
Joshua Factor

77. Peace In The Hot Spot
Jared Allen

78. For Davante
Katy Steele

79. The Lab
Lauren Salig

80. The Difference
Sara Werbowski

81. Preconceived Notions
Yasmeen Grandison

82. Negev
Mat Goldberg

83. Gimcrack National Park
Jordan Duffey

84. Untitled
Gloria So

85. Power of a Word
Gregory Zitelli

86. Cameron
Samantha Ash

87. White Girl
Rebekah Hackney

88. Dreaming in Nashville
Tim Melton

89. Flashes of Insanity
Jacob Gordner

90. My Religion is a Book Club
Alli Ginsburg

91. "Where Shopping is a Pleasure"
Danielle Kurtin

92. "Black is Beautiful, My Dear"
Simone Jackson

93. If I Open My Heart
Kate Levenberg

94. Need Less Followers
Harry Kime

95. The Man in 5C
Grant Stimmel


Journalism — (entries 96 through 112)

96. Honduras Elections Afflicted by Social Injustice
Kerianne Durkin

97. Untitled
Ethan Smith

98. Irregularities of the 2013 Honduras Elections
Christine Harris

99. Untitled
Taylor Logeman

100. James Barnett - a man who gave up everything he owned to live on the streets and love the poor
Katy Steele

102. The Honor Killings of Women in the Arab World
Mitchell Baroody

103. Power of Pineapple
         Mat Goldberg

104. Diversity at Elon
Nicole Chadwick

105. Lifting the Veil
Alex Ward

106. Students Protest Intolerance at College Coffee
Garrett Grumbach

107. Cincinnati Center for Autism, Donors Put on Full Court Press to Build New Gym
Meredith Stutz

108. Exploring the hidden world of human trafficking in our own backyard – a look into the fastest growing illicit business that’s alive and thriving in North Carolina
Kathleen Harper

109. Our Silence, Our Acceptance
Nicholas Foley

110. DNC: Charlotte Catholics want election to be about more than abortion
Brennan McGovern

111. Food Pantries Feel Pinch from Shutdown
Alex Rose

112. DOJ Investigation into the Alamance County Sheriff's Office
Joseph Bruno


Electronic Media — (entries 113 through 120)

113. Paperhand: Puppet Intervention
         Katy Steele

114. Elon Awareness Blog
         Gloria So

115. The War: A Survivor's Story of Cambodia
         Olivia Guerrieri

116. Desire For A Sustainabe Future
         Samantha Burch

117. Does Education Condition Society?
         Oshan Jarow

118. Water is Life: Social Media Measurement Guide
         Madison Margeson, Meghan Caraway, Kendall Gardiner, and Alison Ryncarz

119. Slavery in the Cocoa Industry
         Natalie Brown

120. You Are What You Eat: Aramark
         Matthew Eastman


World Langauges — (entries 121 through 138)

121. Joséphine Baker : portrait d’une femme activiste
Maggie Liston

122. La Pobreza Que Nadie lo Sabe
Michelle Landahl

123. No Le Tengo Miedo a Las Aguas
Juliana Sierra

124. L’esclavage des enfants dans L’école perdue
Laura Poe

125. La guerre des sexes : un regard sur l’inégalité homme-femme dans le monde francophone
Lindsey Lanquist

126. Los Hermanos de Tegucigalpa
Morgan Abate

127. L’ignorance, la mère de tous les maux
Meg MacHonis

128. Die ignorierten Deutschen nach dem Krieg
Elizabeth Faris

129. Por qué el mundo está en contra de la sentencia 168-13
Kate Shafer

130. Los hablantes de herencia en la clase de español: Los retos académicos y sus implicaciones pedagógicas
Sarah Colangelo

131. Le Trafic D’êtres Humains
Celine Pierre-Louis

132. Sirviendo a la mujer por destruirla: Una reseña de El traspatio
Madison Clough

133. Palabras y libros: el impacto de la censura durante la Guerra Sucia en Argentina
Lily Siegal

134. “La importancia de manglares y arrecifes de coral: Proteja esta vida marina. Proteja nuestros derechos humanos básicos.”
Samantha Burch

135. Les Étapes d’un Mouvement Social Comme Vu dans L’École Perdu
Maria Restuccio

136. Dar la Bienvenida en la Carpa Temporal: La Historia del Sahara Occidental
Dani Cardaropoli

137. La Flor Resistente: (Punto de vista de víctima de mutilación genital femenina)
         Danielia Dwyer

138. Engager Les Élèves dans l'Actualité : Histoires tragiques sans violence
        Jordan Serotte


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