Creative Writing

We invite you to read, enjoy, and learn from the creative writing pieces that Elon students have submitted to the 2013 Human Rights and Social Justice Writing Contest.

If you are an Elon student, we encourage you to join the conversation by submitting your own entry.

71. Untitled

Darrah O'Flaherty
First Year

My blood mixes with sweat creating an impure amalgamation as it deliberately rolls down the creases of my face
This is a white mans’ justice Read More

72. A Cut for Honor: A short story

Laura Poe

Until that hot, rainy day in April when I was six, I had led a happy, carefree life. The beloved youngest child of my parents, I was my father’s clear favorite. In Somalia, as in many other places, the man is the head of the household. My mother raised the children, managed the finances, and had her own job as well.  Although my father was busy working to support his family, he always took the time when he came home to talk to each of his three wives and to me. Read More

73. The Glass Ceiling

Natalie Brown

Gazed off in the distance
Avoiding my stare,
She picked at her bracelet
Played with her hair. Read More

74. Through the Glass

Brianna Duff

I was born on a night as translucent as my skin. When you looked up at the sky through the hospital window, you could see the blue-black curtain of midnight through the stars as clearly as you could see the scarlet of my blood running beneath my flesh. Everyone said it was a night of promise. A night that crisp in the middle of storm season ought to portend something, after all, and the entire town was in an excited frenzy, fueled by the gossip and curiosity the transparency bred. Read More

75. The Alley Master

Kelly August
First Year

Aao naa pyaari; look away from mother.
She does not hear your whimpering when Rupee seduces from
the hollows of men’s pockets,
down in the alleys. Read More

76. What's Done Is Done

Joshua Factor

I’m not going to bullshit you. It was two in the morning and pretty intense out there. The only thing driving me was the knowledge that, if I succeeded, I could one day gather my kids around the fire and tell them all about this. It was so cold out that I felt like I was running through a never ending outdoor freezer. By the time I finished, my legs felt like they were made of jelly and I had to sit down. Read More

77. Peace In The Hot Spot

Jared Allen

Sunbeams bounce off the Honduran coast,

Igniting my freckles to embers,

I smile in boast about my good deeds,

Of helping those in need. Read More

78. For Davante

Katy Steele

The first time anyone tried to set me on fire, I thought I was dreaming. I could all but hear Mammy’s voice in the kitchen, little Davante crawling toward the fire beneath the crumbling mantle, reaching out his tiny fingers to feel its warmth, my seven-year-old frame folded up on the sofa like a fat cat. But suddenly, when the heat started to crawl up my jacket, stitching flames into my sleeves and skimming the skin of my wrists, fully awake and aware of the heat on my arm, my eyelids burst open and I shot up from the park bench. Read More

79. The Lab

Lauren Salig
First Year

Enter the lab.


It is a smell you can never wash out-
Not formaldehyde, but blood. Read More

80. The Difference

Sara Werbowski

You see long legs, a short skirt, high boots- no matter what I wear.
You see a flirtatious laugh and a too-long touch.
You see a kind word, spoken in respect, as a sexual invitation.
You see a soft heart to work over, a gives-too-much spirit. Read More

81. Preconceived Notions

Yasmeen Grandison

I know the work of the evil man
I know his doings and his language
With those words he leaves dark bruises in my head
With those words he unleashes invisible biting spiders that torment me like hundreds of bad thoughts in my wake and in my dreams Read More

82. Negev

Mat Goldberg

Pitted between nothingness
and holiness, it is a dead land,
fossilized in time
with the shards of seashells,
uplifted from the sands
by our questioning feet. Read More

83. Gimcrack National Park

Jordan Duffey

A lone fishermen spits,
(ripped jeans, bristled beard,
worm-filled belly)
hocked loogie feeling
his birth marshes
taken from him under glittering stars. Read More

84. Untitled

Gloria So

Dearest Grace,

I wonder if you are reading this wearing the frog pajamas that I hate. Ever since you sent me that photo, it’s all I can picture of you. Before I go on, I want you to know that I’m okay. I’ve currently taken a leave from Invisible Children to stay with some friends I have made in northern Uganda to work with rehabilitation programs. Read More

85. Power of a Word

Gregory Zitelli


A force that binds us together as a community.
When strung together they share information,
Collaborate ideas,
Create contracts,
Give our lives meaning. Read More

86. Cameron

Samantha Ash
First Year

They say bad things happen in threes
I sure hope so because there’s only so much loss
the heart can bear

Everyone tells me that things will get better
and that things will be okay
but I don’t WANT it to get better Read More

87. White Girl

Rebekah Hackney

Get out of my way Brown girl
I'm walking here
My North Face jacket and cowgirl boots
won't stand for your presence
See this Longchamp purse?
It cost more than you spent
on textbooks this semester
And I have it in five colors Read More

88. Dreaming in Nashville

Tim Melton
First Year

Can one describe to the boy
That woman standing on the city street,
And all that pretty make-up she’s wearing?
It’s not his mother’s beauty anymore,
And you can almost see him realize it

As he looks on her dark, dank eyes…
For he is not blind. Read More

89. Flashes of Insanity

Jacob Gordner
First Year

“I was a traveling musician.” The plumb man looked off into space for a moment then reengaged Mr. Gilridge.

“Where did it end?” remarked Mr. Gilridge.

“Where did what end?

“Why your traveling musicianship of course.” Read More

90. My Religion is a Book Club

Alli Ginsburg

You cannot choose what you are, but if the spirit can claim any distinction from the body, mine made a choice to be born Jewish. It is in every essence of me, despite my limited knowledge of Hebrew and my tendency to drift from some laws.  Read More

91. "Where Shopping is a Pleasure"

Danielle Kurtin
First Year

Women abounding with colors astounding!
Smooth pearls gleam and glimmer
Taunt seams haunt the dreams
Of rich and powerful men   Read More

92. "Black is Beautiful, My Dear"

Simone Jackson

The doorbell rings, and the clock chimes,
Rushing to the door, guests are here,
The table is lined with desserts and white wines,
The air is filled with holiday cheer. Read More

93. If I Open My Heart

Kate Levenberg
First Year

Does it matter who my god is
Il fight for you
If were on this earth together
Why couldn't there be two  Read More

94. Need Less Followers

Harry Kime

Why should it be wrong to
be on the outside? Conformity is wrong.
Working together is good but conformity is wrong. Read More

95. The Man in 5C

Grant Stimmel

Ahh “This Week At Elon” a literary treat,
A weekly publication, a scholarly feat.

I open the link with an excitable click,
Such information, oh wow! My heart starts to tick.

I scan and I scroll, searching’s no sin.
For a competition or contest, something to win! Read More

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