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Assessment: Institutional-Wide

The Institutional Research (IR) Office at the University conducts a number of surveys that gauge satisfaction, experience, behavior, cognitive, and social development of Elon students at an institutional-wide level. Participation in these surveys dates as far back as 1971. The University administers a number of surveys that provide Elon with a fairly comprehensive picture of the student body (The Freshman Survey, the Your First College Year survey, the Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement, and the National Survey of Student Engagement).

Other offices conduct ongoing annual surveys too. However, many of these surveys are typically focused on assessing satisfaction levels with services and not social, cognitive, or intellectual development/change in students.

In addition, the University is a regular participant in the HERI Faculty Survey since 1998-99 and periodically participates in the Faculty Survey of Student Engagement and Great Colleges to Work For.



2006 Institutional Assessment Outcomes