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Assessment: Departmental Level

Each unit within the University is required to submit an end-of-year report. While the format is not mandated, these reports are required to address specific topics (annual priorities, technology in the classroom, student learning outcomes, and projected plans). Student learning outcomes is specifically and intentionally a required component. To ensure that the spirit of assessment remains a focal point at the University, each academic unit is required to address student learning outcomes in their end-of-year report.

Each department is responsible for conducting their own assessment. As a result, there are a variety of assessment instruments and activities that are used at Elon. Examples of these instruments are major field tests, performances, portfolio reviews, rubrics, senior capstone projects, research papers, departmental surveys, focus groups, and external evaluations. Most academic departments employ several instruments for assessing learning outcomes that are reflected in their annual reports. Departments are encouraged to include at least one objective (direct) measurement and one subjective/self (indirect) reported measurement .