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Executive Summary: Domestic Difference Program
Authors: Brooke Barnett and Kenn Gaither

The diversity QEP proposal is for a signature domestic difference program that provides our students with meaningful interactions with people unlike themselves and significant study of cultural difference in an international and domestic comparative context.  The ultimate goal is for every Elon student to experience difference in an international and domestic comparative context, a key to learning in the 21st century.

We suggest a menu of domestic difference options that are seamlessly interwoven into an Elon education, much in the way that study abroad already is. The overarching goal for the proposal is for our students to obtain knowledge about diverse cultures, engage in and value difference, and learn to navigate difference. These goals are in the foreground as the university works to create positive and meaningful interactions between and among diverse groups of people and students. These goals also extend the work of numerous committees and historic initiatives at Elon and are clearly connected to the university mission.

The proposal has three prongs, including a winter term emphasis on “Encountering Difference,” creation of a fund for innovative projects, and development of an assessment plan that measures how and what students learn through their encounters with difference domestically and abroad.

The winter term component will emphasize “Encountering difference” as a core value with courses focused on cultural difference in a comparative U.S. and international or U.S.- based context, including Intergroup Relations Dialogue (IGR) pedagogy, domestic study and residence linked courses. 

The second prong focuses on planned interaction and learning among a range of groups outside the classroom through a fund for innovative projects that create purposeful engagement with difference.  Grants will allow students to take ownership of the experience and will also support faculty, staff and student-led initiatives such as a campus wide intercultural education program. IGR training will also benefit faculty and staff leading discussions.

The third and final prong is for an assessment plan for diversity work across campus that can be used to inform future programs at Elon. This investment in assessment will benefit other Elon hallmarks, such as study abroad. A solid assessment model builds on the work already happening on campus and will allow us to assess the learning in a domestic study program and deepen our understanding of other learning that takes place outside of the classroom, such as study abroad, service learning, leadership and internships.

The full proposal given here: DiversityProposal.pdf

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