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Spring 2012

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Leadership / Students cover Election 2012/ Campus Rec/ And More ...

Learning to Lead: How to ID Personal Leadership Style

Whether they're working with Stephen Colbert, Stella McCartney or the Department of Defense, Elon students use internships to get major experience.


We know you're in high school; consider this your sneak peek into the future. The Student Professional Development Center helps students with all of their career questions - whether they have a job in mind or have no clue what to do post-Elon.

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Elon’s president, Dr. Leo Lambert, traveled to India earlier this year to catch up with Elon students studying abroad. Check out his Twitter feed to learn about his adventures.


Counselor Corner - How We Can Help You

Ginny Oberle, Admissions counselor

I am a recent graduate of Elon, having walked across the stage just a few months ago with the Class of 2014. It was not too long ago that I was going through the college searchprocess myself- just five extremely short years. At the time, the admissions officeseemed to be the gatekeeper to that proverbial “school of my dreams”; the deciders of my college experience and, in theory, the rest of my life. Now that I find myself an admissions counselor for my alma mater, I also find that I could not have been more off the mark.  

The “counselor” in our title is intentional- we are here to help you discover the school that will allow you to get the most out of your college experience, intellectually and socially. Admittedly, we are a little biased toward Elon.

Visit Campus. The campus visit is perhaps the most important part of the college search process provided by an admissions office. It allows you to speak with a current student, get a look at the physical environment, and picture yourself as a member of our campus. The admissions office owes so much of the success of our campus visit program to our student tour guides. They train for weeks to be able to give their own tour and are able to do so only after they have displayed a degree of proficiency in all areas of Elon, especially those that have not been a part of their experience. So when you are visiting campus, ask them questions! They are able to speak generally of the experience of an Elon student, but when you are looking at colleges, it is important to know what that experience would be like for you.

Contact Your Counselor. We find that the majority of students who meet with their counselors choose to do so to connect more deeply with the university. If you are doing a tour of colleges, they can all blend together. A meeting with your counselor can put a contact and face to the University, perhaps beyond what you are able to experience during a tour. Additionally, we track demonstrated interest. This means that, like most universities, we want to admit those students who want to be at Elon. Visiting campus, filling out those cards at college fairs, and talking with us during a school visit are some of the ways we are able to track a student’s interest. If you decide after your experience with Elon, campus visit or otherwise, that we rank pretty high on your list, let us know! Your admissions counselor is the first to read your application, and knowing that Elon is a place you are excited about gets us excited to read your application.

Ask Questions. By the same token, all areas of the admissions office have a breadth of knowledge that can assist you as you are filling out the application or learning more about Elon in general. Want to know what students do on the weekends? Call the office at 336-278-3566 and speak with a tour guide. Want to know if your counselor will be visiting your high school this year? Email your counselor. Want to know if we have received your test scores? Call that same number above and we can transfer you to the right place. While not being on the Common App can be frustrating for some, handling the application in-house means that we have remarkable people in our office who know the ins and outs of every aspect of the application. Never hesitate to contact our office. We are here to help.

Admissions Calendar

Fall 2014
Nov. 1Early Decision
Nov. 10

Early Action

Nov. 15 Fall Open House
Nov. 27-28 Admissions closed for Thanksgiving break
Dec. 1 Early Decision notification date
Dec. 19 Early Action notification date
Dec. 24-28 Admissions closed for holiday break
Jan. 1 Admissions closed for New Year's holiday
Spring 2015
Jan. 10Regular Decision application and scholarship deadline
Feb. 10Watson & Odyssey Scholars Program deadline
March 6-7 Fellows & Scholarship Weekend
March 13-14 Rising Phoenix Weekend (for those accepted under Early Decision and Early Action)
March 15 Final Decision notification date
April 10-11 Phoenix Fusion
April 11 Explore Elon -- Open House for juniors
April 13 Maroon Monday*
April 17 Phoenix Friday*
April 24-25 Rising Phoenix Weekend (for those accepted under Final Decision plan)


*Phoenix Fridays and Maroon Mondays are opportunities for accepted seniors to spend a day on campus and learn more about life at Elon.

**Invitations for Open House are mailed four to six weeks in advance. For more information, please call the Admissions office at 800.334.8448.

Visit our website ( to find out more about application deadlines and notification dates.