Washington, D.C. Alumni Chapter

We work hard to host fun, meaningful, convenient alumni activities and appreciate your feedback and support. We invite you to view our photo albums and visit our Facebook page to learn more about our chapter. Please don’t hesitate to e-mail me if you have comments or questions about the chapter or how to get more involved.

We hope to see you at a Washington, D.C. Alumni Chapter event soon!

Jen Scotto '10, D.C. Chapter President, elonindc@yahoo.com

Connect with us!
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Board Members
Brett Cooper ’05
Mary Cunningham '08
Seth Gleeson '08
Kelsey Glover '11
Jess Campbell '10 
Jennifer Hiltwine ‘09
Andrea Medinaceli '10
Joy Ross '03
Jonathan Rubongoya '10
Courtney Wells Fusco '01


Due to your close proximity to Baltimore, you may currently receive email invitations from both the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore Alumni Chapters.  If you prefer to receive information from either the Washington, D.C. or Baltimore Alumni Chapter or if you would like to receive information from both, please email  alumni@elon.edu.