The Elon Latinx/Hispanic Alumni Network (ELHAN) was established to unite and represent the interests of Latinx/Hispanic alumni, students, faculty, and staff. We strive to empower Elon’s Latinx/Hispanic community by connecting alumni through in-person and online events and by creating a support system for current students and alumni meant to address their specific needs.

As an official affinity network of Elon, ELHAN’s primary objectives include:

  • Promoting and facilitating the interests and activities of Latinx/Hispanic alumni
  • Connecting ELHAN alumni through various social, cultural, educational, and community service events
  • Developing and maintaining the connection between the university, students, and fellow alumni
  • Promoting and sustaining general alumni contributions to the university through the Elon Latinx/Hispanic Alumni Network fund
  • Fostering a sentiment of regard and support amongst Elon’s Latinx/Hispanic alumni
  • Assisting Elon in the recruitment and retention of Latinx/Hispanic students

For other ways to get involved or stay up to date on any events we have coming up, please follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn. We invite you to also join our new group pages for more conversation and connections!

ELHAN EU (Facebook Group)

LinkedIn Group (LinkedIn Group)


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Have you received a promotion, moved somewhere new, or started grad school or your first job after Elon? Maybe you had a new baby, completed a unique program or service year, you’re building a new side hustle, or you’re just trying something new and want to connect with fellow ELHAN alumni. Want to shout out a fellow ELHAN member instead? If you’re willing to share your story and share what a day in your life is like, please fill out the form below. We’re hoping to create unique stories for our network throughout the next year and we'd love to hear your stories. DM our social media channels, Joyce Llopis-Martell (Instagram) our Communications Team Co-Chair or Coral directly ( LinkedIn). We can’t wait to celebrate with you and share your story with our network.