Elon’s alumni chapters are overseen by volunteers who are dedicated to providing diverse opportunities for alumni to connect and engage with each other where they live.

Each chapter’s volunteer roles are structured differently, based on the needs and capacity of the alumni network in that area. Examples of volunteer roles include:

Chapter President

This role serves as the main point of contact for alumni in the region. The president represents the university and the chapter while leading the board and area alumni. They schedule and preside over board meetings and serve as the liaison between the board and Elon.

Vice President

This role serves as the president-elect and has a major hand in important tasks, events and goals for the chapter. If for some reason a chapter president is unable to uphold their position during their term, the vice president would then assume the role of presidency.

Social Media Coordinator

This role oversees and operates the chapter’s social media accounts. They consistently update the photos and activity to stay relevant with university updates, chapter events and news and events local to their region.

Events Coordinator

This role manages all of the details for the chapter events, including venue scouting and booking, menu selection, décor and set-up and budget management.


This role is responsible for keeping track of all chapter expenses, based on an annual budget allocated by the university.

General Board Member

This role supports the board in all ways, assisting with each event and other tasks to help the board engage with the alumni chapter.


Applications to join the Regional Chapter leadership boards are now OPEN for the 2024-25 academic year. Applications are due on Friday, May 31 at 11:59 p.m. If you have any questions, please contact Katie Kuczkowski ’17 G’23 at kkuczkowski@elon.edu