What is the 1963 Club?

The 1963 Club is a community of dedicated donors who support the success of students at Elon by contributing annually to the Elon Black Alumni Scholarship. This scholarship is intended to help make an Elon education accessible to deserving students, who demonstrate high scholastic achievement and financial need. The 1963 Club honors the strength and bravery of those who came before us and the legacy they continue to leave on our campus. By annually making a one-time or recurring gift of $19.63, $196.30, or $1,963.00, or any donation greater than $19.63, members contribute to Elon’s commitment to Black excellence.

What is the significance of the year 1963 in Elon’s history?

Elon enrolled its first African American student, Glenda Phillips-Hightower, in 1963. Her experience as a trailblazer has paved the way for over 2,000 Black identified students to continue to make a lasting impact on Elon’s campus and history. Since her time on campus, countless Black students have opened the door for others by becoming the first to take on academic and extracurricular experiences at Elon. Take a look at Elon’s rich history through the African-American Wall of Fame which highlights many of these accomplishments.

What are the benefits of membership?

Alumni who join the 1963 Club will receive:

  • 1963 Club charter member decal
  • VIP experience for certain on-campus events, including EBAN homecoming activities
  • Donors who give $196.30/annually OR $20/monthly recurring gift will receive a 1963 Club charter member Kente stole*
  • Listing in the annual donors list published in the fall 2020 EBAN newsletter and alumni website
  • A printed and electronic annual report of gifts to the 1963 Club, information about the scholarship recipients, and future scholarship fund goals
  • Donors of $1,963 or more are automatically members of The Elon Society and are privy to the benefits of that society.

*The fair market value of your selected item will not be tax-deductible. This will be reflected on a gift receipt sent by Elon University. 

How do I join the 1963 Club?

Alumni, faculty, staff, current students, families and friends of Elon can join the 1963 Club by annually making a one-time or recurring gift to the Elon Black Alumni Scholarship in the amount of $19.63 or higher. Alumni are able to contribute in higher amounts/tiers ($196.30, or $1,963.00) in order to receive additional recognition.