LGBTQIA FundAlumni donations help open doors for today’s students through your support of the LGBTQIA Fund. The fund supports current LGBTQIA students, as well as the Gender & LGBTQIA Center initiatives such as student scholarships, events and educational programs on Gender and LGBTQIA related topics, and student conferences to help expand knowledge and increase understanding of the issues facing the LGBTQIA communities.

Your support helps us build a more inclusive, welcoming and affirming Elon University that leads to a more fulfilling experience for all of our LGBTQIA students. Every gift, of every size, makes a difference. Thank you so much for donating and changing the lives of LGBTQIA students!

How to donate

  1. Go to
  2. In the “Designation” drop-down, scroll to the bottom and select “Other.”
  3. Type in “LGBTQIA-designated fund” and submit your donation.
  4. If you’re an employee, you can request a paycheck donation each month.