Elon Alumni Association


National Networking Event Series

In April 2015 Elon will be hosting its 4th annual National Networking Event SeriesElon's Office of Alumni Engagement is committed to your career and enhancing your professional network. The National Networking Event Series has been designed specifically to increase your ability to connect to Elon's 25,000+ active alumni and participate in a program that can impact your present and future career.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Connect with local Elon alumni, parents and mentors
  • Obtain LinkedIn training incorporating new functionality
  • Enhance your online brand to attract interest from potential employers
  • Receive resources and guides to improve your networking skills
  • Leverage relationships within your industry from attendees in 25+ markets
  • Connect to The Elon Network for future programs

National Networking is coming to a city near you in April 2015!
As dates are confirmed we'll update the information on this page. Make sure to check back frequently!

Chapters Clubs New Cities
Atlanta, GA Austin, TX Detroit, MI
Baltimore, MD

Columbia, SC

Columbus, OH
Boston, MA Dallas, TX Greenville, SC
Charleston, SC Denver, CO Houston, TX
Charlotte, NC Hartford, CT Knoxville, TN
Chicago, IL Jacksonville, FL Louisville, KY
Greensboro, NC Las Vegas, NV Virgina Beach, VA
Los Angeles, CA Nashville, TN San Jose, CA
New York City, NY New Jersey West Palm Beach, FL
Philadelphia, PA New Orleans, LA  
Richmond, VA Orlando, FL  
Raleigh, NC Pittsburgh, PA  
Washington, D.C. San Diego, CA  
Winston-Salem, NC San Francisco, CA  
  Seattle, WA  
  Miami, FL  
  Tampa Bay, FL  
  Wilmington, NC  

If you've recently moved or changed jobs, make sure to update your information at elon.edu/alumniupdate. This will ensure you receive an invitation to the National Networking event in your city. Have a question or want to host an event in your city? Contact the Office of Alumni Engagement at alumni@elon.edu or 336.278.7500.

Prepare for the National Networking Event Series Now:

  • Update your résumé,
  • Join The Elon Network on LinkedIn and update your LinkedIn profile,
  • Think about your goals for attending this event and how you can help others,
  • Follow Elon Alumni on Twitter to receive a networking tip of the day throughout January,
  • Encourage your Elon friends, colleagues and contacts to attend the series.

See photos and read about what our chapters and clubs have hosted as part of the National Networking Event Series in 2012 and 2013.