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The Brick Road: Timeless Traditions of Elon University


n. The handing down of statements, beliefs, legends, customs, information, etc., from generation to generation, especially by word of mouth or practice

Since 1889, Elon University has established a history steeped in tradition. A succession of eight presidents, more than 29,000 active alumni, and countless faculty, staff, students and friends have all played a part in creating the historical foundation upon which future Elon students will build.

The campus landscape has changed over the years - the addition of buildings, such as Rhodes Stadium and the Moseley Center, and the loss of others, including the Old Main Administration Building and East Dormitory. Even the institution itself changed identities in 2001, being renamed Elon University after more than 100 years as Elon College.

For all the changes, traditions such as the weekly College Coffee gathering have stood as tried and true components of the Elon experience. As the university evolves and transforms in the coming generations, one thing will remain the same: Members of the Elon community maintain an immense pride in their institution and the contributions of so many who have added to Elon's history.

This compilation of Elon history, traditions and interesting facts is the product of a collaboration of the university's Young Alumni Council and the Office of Alumni Engagement. It's intended to introduce new students and members of the Elon community to the special family they're joining and to challenge them to assume a place in Elon's rich history by participating in long-standing traditions while creating new experiences of their own. It's also intended to offer alumni an opportunity to reminisce and relive fond Elon memories while picking up a few new historical facts along the way.

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