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The Elon Fund

Annual Giving Goals For Fiscal Year 2010-2011:

• To raise $5.34 million in designated and undesignated annual gifts, including those for the Elon Fund and Parents & Grandparents Fund

• Raise alumni participation in annual giving by increasing the number of alumni donors 

What Is Annual Giving?
Annual gifts form the foundation of Elon's fund-raising efforts each year and are a key revenue source for Elon's operating budget. Annual gifts to the Elon Fund go to work immediately helping all students. Because they are unrestricted, gifts to the Elon Fund can be used where they are needed most. Annual giving dollars are raised and spent in the same year.

Annual Unrestricted Giving
Elon vs. Peer Institutions

What Difference Can My Gift Make?
Plenty. All gifts, no matter what the size, benefit every student. Last year, all gifts of less than $50 to the Elon Fund brought in $74,000, while all gifts of less than $100 totaled $145,000.

How Does My Gift Help?
Elon Fund gifts support the best of Elon:

•Small classes

•Outstanding professors

•Excellent academics

•World-class facilities

•Student scholarships

•Study abroad opportunities


•Student & faculty research

•The latest technology

Does Alumni Participation Matter?
Yes! Strong alumni participation in the Elon Fund each year is a valuable measure of Elon pride. The percentage of alumni who make annual gifts is also a factor in college rankings and the financial support that Elon receives from foundations.

Elon's current alumni participation rate is 16%, which is far below many of our peer institutions.

Alumni Participation Rate (3-year average)
Elon vs. Peer Institutions

Double Your Donation With A Matching Gift
You could double or even triple your Elon Fund gift if you or your spouse works for or has retired from a company with a matching gift program. Complete a matching gift form from your Human Resources office and send it in with your gift. Elon will take care of the rest!


To find out if your company has a matching gift policy, please enter your employer's name below.

If your company is eligible, request a matching gift form from your employer, and send it completed and signed with your gift. We will do the rest.


For more information on the Elon Fund or making a gift, contact Melisha Chamra '03, associate director of annual giving, at (336) 278-7464 or toll-free at 877-784-ELON.