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IETF 92: Participate in Imagining the Internet Interviews

Please participate in a 10-minute. relaxed video interview with the trusted global-good project Imagining the Internet  at IETF 92 in Dallas! 

The sharing of your wisdom will help IETF and the public recognize the most important ideas and issues to be addressed as everyone moves into a more-interconnected world thanks to your efforts.

You are invited to visit at your convenience with respectful Elon University students who are asking IETF folks to share their hopes and concerns for the future of the Internet in quick video interviews on site there in Dallas at the IETF meeting. They will be on hand in three two-person video teams, available to talk in the conference hallways, no need to make an appointment.

Imagining the Internet is a global-good Computerworld Honors and Webby Award Honors-winning project, based at Elon University in the US. It asks people to share their views about the Internet – past, present and future – to inform the public and create a historic record of the thoughts of the people who make the Internet work.

To download a PDF flyer of the information on this page, click here: http://www.elon.edu/docs/e-web/imagining/about/IETF%2092%20Imagining%20the%20Internet%20Flyer.pdf

The students from Elon University will ask you the following series of 5 questions. It may take you about 10 to 12 minutes to answer. If you think about the questions in advance you will have the chance to refine your answers before you participate. We are hoping your insights will be useful to IETF and others, and they will serve as a historic documentation of our times.

Questions will include:

1)  Your name, work affiliation, country in which you work and briefly your role with IETF: Briefly, who are you and what role do you play that led you here?

2)  Weather analogy: Briefly describe the state of the Internet today by starting out with one of the following weather terms – Is it sunny, partly cloudy or stormy – and WHY?

3)  What new Internet improvements are just emerging? What are the most important and inspiring new Internet innovations being developed now that could bloom over the next 5 to 10 years?

4)  What is the greatest Internet concern? What is the most important challenge or issue for IETF to address in order to continue to positively develop the Internet as an open global resource? 

5)  Action – WHAT ACTION can be taken now or soon to ensure the best possible future? Explain.

Each participant’s interview will be posted on Imagining the Internet and YouTube under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.

The work of Imagining the Internet is also archived by the Library of Congress. 

A team of eight people from Imagining the Internet will be on site at IETF 92, hoping to chat for a few minutes with you, anytime Monday through Wednesday of the conference. Questions? Contact Janna Anderson, andersj at elon dot edu, or Colin Donohue, cdonohue at elon dot edu