Class of 2010 commencement processionalWelcome alumni and friends!

We welcome and encourage your calls, emails, and visits to the law school so that we can support you in all your endeavors. The faculty and administration of Elon Law want to help you in all ways possible as you begin your careers in the legal profession and your vocations as lawyer-leaders in your communities.

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In the weeks and months ahead, we will continue to develop resources on our web site designed to assist you. We welcome your ideas and input as we grow together.

Recent Events

Elon Law alumni celebrate Homecoming 2009

Leadership forum at Elon Law explores attorney practices in times of change


The inaugural members of the Elon Law Alumni Council are:

Andrew Ackley • Jason Aycoth • Danielle Caldwell • Michele Cybulski • Danny Donovan • Damon Duncan • Melissa Duncan • Andrea Harrell • Alix Hazel • Amy Holthouser • Eric Meredith • Erin O'Connell • Shannon O'Donnell • Mital Patel • Leslie Price • Sarah Robinson • Seema Shah • Megan Silver • Barron Thompson

The officers of the Elon Law Alumni Association are:
President: Melissa Duncan
President-Elect: Jason Aycoth
Secretary: Megan Silver
Treasurer: Mital Patel

Celebrating Graduation

Class of 2010 members celebrateClass of 2010

Click here for an archive of five news articles, video clips, and photo slideshows from Commencement 2010, including a report on commencement exercises, a summary of Senator Hagan's Commencement Address, a report on the honorary degree presented to Robert E. Long, Jr., and the leadership award presented to William Warihay, highlights from the Dean's Reception, and a summary of the academic and pro bono honors for the Class of 2010.

Class of 2009

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Elon Law's charter class contributes over 21,000 hours of community service
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Parting Thoughts

“All of you now have shown us your wisdom, your courage, your service to others and your dedication to leadership. You have those qualities deep within you. You have proven that to all of us. What we ask of you now is to remember who you are and remember to give back, and we will all remain proud of you for the rest of our lives.”

- David Gergen, adviser to four United States presidents, Director of the Center for Public Leadership and Professor of Public Service at the Harvard Kennedy School, and chair of Elon University’s Law School Advisory Board, from the inaugural commencement address to Elon Law graduates, May 2009

"Elon Law graduates confront a world of new and unprecedented challenges. But in those challenges may lie their enormous opportunities and possibilities for leadership and service, and already they have shown themselves fit for the challenge ... Already they have demonstrated a responsibility to their communities that transcends earning a living. Already they have recognized their responsibility to be civically engaged, their responsibility both to serve and to lead ... in their so doing, we predict they will continue to work to revive those historic ideals of the legal profession."

- George R. Johnson, Jr., Dean of Elon University School of Law, in a May 17, 2009 column in the News and Record of Greensboro

“I want to tell you how deeply grateful I am for your historic contributions to the founding of this law school, for helping it become better and stronger, and especially for your pioneering spirit. You helped found a law school and that is an important life achievement ... Today, you are charged to use your knowledge for justice, your intelligence in the pursuit of goodness, your keen minds for seeking truth, your understanding of the complex in the cause of building a better society, your discernment for making fair decisions, your leadership in the cause of peace making. This is what your alma mater expects of you. Good luck and god speed.”

- Leo M. Lambert, President of Elon University, in his charge to Elon Law's graduating class concluding the law school's 2009 Commencement ceremony, May 2009