Student and Alumni Placement Profiles

Elon Law students and alumni have a wide variety of interests in law and visions for making a difference on behalf of clients, their communities and our larger society. Elon fosters the interests and visions of each student through excellent teaching, supportive advising and an array of experiences in law that propel students and alumni to professional success. We are proud to share the following profiles of some of Elon Law's outstanding students and alumni.

Joshua Bonney, Class of 2016: Changing lives through legal advocacy

Elon Law student Josh Bonney L'16

Christopher Genhimer, Class of 2015: Leveraging expertise in law and science for social impact

Elon Law student Christopher Genheimer L'15

Katie Lester, Class of 2015: Developing financial industry expertise through national regulatory experience

Elon Law student Katie Lester L'15

Jessica Richardson, Class of 2016: Helping others fulfill their dreams through entrepreneurship

Elon Law student Jessica Richardson

Daniel Watts, Class of 2015: Advancing the historic ideals of the legal profession

Elon Law student Daniel Watts L'15

Hannah Davies, Class of 2014: Administering justice through a federal judicial clerkship

Elon Law alumna Hannah Davies

Caroline Johnson, Class of 2014: Engaging international law at the United Nations

Elon Law alumna Caroline Johnson

David Morrow, Class of 2010: Providing national leadership in the legal profession

Elon Law alumnus David Morrow

Madeline Obler-Grill, Class of 2014: Building a career in tax law through multi-faceted experience

Elon Law student Madeline Obler-Grill

Luke Spencer, Class of 2009: Giving victims a voice

Elon Law alumnus Luke Spencer