Curriculum for current Elon Law students

The curriculum reflected in the course grid below and this section, particularly the second and third year requirements, is subject to change as the Dean and faculty evaluate, develop and make enhancements to the academic program.

First Year

Civil Procedure I 2 Civil Procedure II 3
Contracts I 2 Contracts II 3
Property I 3 Property II 2
Torts I 3 Torts II 2
Legal Method & Communication 3 Criminal Law 3
Legal Construction & Analysis 1 Legal Method & Communication 2

Winter Term: Lawyering, Leadership & Professionalism (2)

Second Year

Constitutional Law I 2 Constitutional Law II 3

Winter Term: Leadership & Public Law (2)

* Students are required to take Business Associations (4) and Evidence (4) during their second or third years and Professional Responsibility (2) during their second year (Summer, Fall or Spring). For students interested in business law, the faculty recommends Business Associations during the second year, as this course serves as a prerequisite for other business-oriented courses (such as Entity Taxation). For students interested in litigation, the faculty recommends Evidence during the second year, again because this course serves as a prerequisite for other litigation-oriented courses (such as Trial Practice & Procedure).  

Third Year

Electives** 12-17 Electives** 12-17

** Any students who have not taken Business Associations or Evidence during their second year must take these courses during their third year, as the courses are graduation requirements. 

Winter Term of Third Year:  During the 3L Winter Term, students can elect to take one to three hours of elective course offerings. Elective courses offered during Winter Term are updated each year.

Upper-Level Writing Requirement: The law program requires all students to complete an upper-level writing requirement during the second and/or third years of study.

Note: The curriculum is subject to change as the faculty and administration evaluate, develop and make enhancements to the academic program.

Electives: Elective course offerings vary from year to year. Many electives offered at the law school are described further here