JD/MBA Program

Integrated Sequence of Study

Students in the JD/MBA program select one of two sequences to complete the program: the consecutive sequence or the integrated sequence. Under the integrated sequence, students take JD courses during the first year, MBA courses during the second year and a combination of JD and MBA courses during the third and fourth years. Students receive both degrees at the completion of the fourth year.

Integrated Sequence - Sample Course Schedule

First Year
During the first year of the JD/MBA program, students take exclusively law school classes. The first-year leadership course (2 credits) taken during the winter term of the first year will satisfy the MBA 501 requirement.* In the summer following the first year, JD/MBA Program students take the accounting and finance foundation courses for the MBA program. 

Second Year 
During the second year, JD/MBA Program students take only MBA courses. Using the 2013-2014 course offerings as a model, students would take the following courses:

•          MBA 501/Goals (audit – already received credit for this course via 1L leadership course)
•          MBA 511/Communications (3 credits; cross credit with law school)
•          MBA 521/Economic Policy (3 credits; cross credit with law school)
•          MBA 541/Marketing Management (3 credits)

•          MBA 502/Goals (1.5 credits)
•          MBA 531/Managerial Accounting (3 credits; cross credit with law school)

•          MBA 551/Financial Management (3 credits; cross credit with law school)
•          MBA 562/Leadership/Management (3 credits)
•          MBA 585/Strategic Thinking (3 credits)

The course load prescribed above provides the maximum number of MBA courses that students could take because the MBA program only offers courses on three nights of the week.

Third Year
During the third year of the JD/MBA program, JD/MBA Program students take the following courses:

•          Business Associations (4 credits; cross credit toward MBA for 3 credits)
•          Professional Responsibility (2 credits)
•          Constitutional Law I (2 credits)
•          Law school elective qualifying for credit toward the MBA degree (3 credits; satisfying elective requirement of MBA program)
•          MBA Operations - choose 1 of the following; the other courses may be taken as electives, if desired (3 credits)

  • MBA 561/Advanced Operations & Supply Chain
  • MBA 565/Project Management
  • MBA 566/Organizational Analytics
  • MBC 567/Management Information Systems

•          2L leadership course (2 credits)

•          Evidence (4 credits)
•          Constitutional Law II (3 credits)
•          Law school electives (6 credits, at least 3 credits toward elective requirements in MBA program)

Fourth Year

•          Law school electives (at least 12 credits)

•          MBA 581 (3 credits)

•          Law school electives (at least 12 credits)

Students could take additional courses in the MBA program during the fourth year, though this would require additional tuition payments.

* Students are still encouraged to audit MBA 501 since the course serves as a career planning opportunity and a chance to meet other MBA students.