Tuition/Cost of Attendance

Like the University, the School of Law is committed to providing an exceptional education at a reasonable cost. Law school tuition for the 2014-15 academic year is $37,924. While this tuition is reasonable in comparison with that charged by other exceptional private law schools, we realize it represents a significant financial investment by our students. We will endeavor to keep costs as low as possible, while providing our students with dynamic learning opportunities, excellent professors and state-of-the art facilities in which to learn.

The cost of attendance is estimated below. Individual students may find that their actual budgets are smaller or larger than this estimate depending on their individual spending choices. For instance, students choosing to share an apartment with a roommate would likely spend less than the $7,500 estimate for housing. Likewise, students opting to utilize Greensboro’s public transportation system or who carpool might incur less expense than the $50 per month fee ($500 per academic year) for parking in the public parking deck near the law school. Students are encouraged to minimize their expenses as much as possible, especially to the extent that they are relying on federal and private loans to finance their legal education.

2014-15 Tuition $37,924
Other estimated expenses:
Housing - $7,500
Food - $5,000
Utilities - $1,300
Personal - $3,200
Transportation - $3,500
Health Insurance - $2,668*
Rental Insurance - $300
Books and Supplies - $1,750
Parking - $500

Total of other estimated expenses: $25,718

*Approximate cost of the university’s student illness plan for 2014-15.  Students may submit proof of other comparable coverage, in which case this charge will be removed from their student accounts; otherwise, students will be enrolled in the insurance plan, and the charge will be automatically billed to the student’s account.  The waiver information was sent to students from and is available on the Elon Law website.

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