DRIVE TO 25: Alumni step forward and give back

Dean Luke Bierman and the faculty, staff and students of Elon Law appreciate the support of alumni who contributed to the school's 2013-2014 Drive to 25. Annual giving for the law school supports student scholarships and alumni participation is critical. This year's goal was 25 percent participation, thus the theme Drive to 25. 

Sarah Lucente L’09, the Elon Law Alumni Association's campaign chair for the Drive to 25, said this year's campaign was a great success.

"Thanks to each and every one of you who continue to support the Drive to 25 Campaign with your yearly gifts," Lucente said. "Our focus is not on the amount given, but the participation of each alumni member. Over the past five years, through word of mouth and social media our Elon Law alumni base has come together and exceeded our donation goal of 25% alumni participation. While we are still a young Alumni Association, we have grown tremendously."

The 2013-2014 DRIVE to 25 Honor Roll of Donors

Thank you to all Elon Law Alumni who generously gave back to help make a difference.

2009   2010 2011 2012 2013

Max Armfield
Jon Aust
Katie Aust
Melanie Crenshaw*
Michele Cybulski
A.T. Debnam
Danny Donovan*
Damon Duncan*
Melissa Duncan*
Andrea Harrell*
Alix Hazel
Chad Hinton
Amy Holthouser
Mark Jetton
Leslie Lasher
Molly Lewis
Sarah Lucente*
Steven Lucente*
Jason McKenna
Eric Meredith*
Erin O’Connell*
Mital Patel*
Shannon Russell
Megan Silver*
Luke Spencer
Ryan Valente
Barron Thompson*

  Ashley Andrews
Adam Arthur
Allan Blackwell
Anna Buonya
Michael Cowart
Kelly Valente
Rachael Dimont
Jonathan Dunsmoor
Woody Edney
Justin R. Ervin, III*
Meghan Howard
Lora Howard
David Klein
Jameson Marks
Brack Massey
Matthew Moore
David Morrow
Nicole Patterson
Toby Poe
Jon Raymer
Jennifer Reutter*
Lila Riley
Stephen Shaw
Jenny Sweet
Craig Turner
Will Warihay*
Tiffany Atkins*
Bill Aycock*
Alexis Baker
Meredith Clark
Adrianne Edmonds
Tamaya Franks*
Brendan Garcia
Samantha Gilman*
Brian Hunt
Summer Hunt
Lu Johnson
Patrick Johnson
Tara Johnson
James Knox
Nathan Standley
David Stephens*
Bill Vaughn
Ivy Waterhouse*
Marie Anders
Jessica Anderson
Melissa Apperson
Stuart Bromfield
Andrea Davis
Carrie Johnston
Beth Klein*
Josh Lopez
Janet McIlwain
Erin Rega*
Kristin Rice
Megan Siragusa*
Jason Spitzer
Mark York
Lincoln Bennett
Sherea Burnett*
Brett DeWitt
Janison Dillon*
Joe Doren*
Dwight Ensley
Zachary Illig
Daniel Jessup
Andy Jones
Gwendolyn Lewis
Jenifer McCrea
Andrew Penny
Leah Shellberg
Andrew Smith
Kelly Smith

* Denotes member of Law Alumni Council

Your participation matters.
Donors to the law school are recognized annually in Elon Law's online and print Honor Roll of Donors.

The 2014-2015 alumni giving campaign has begun. Alumni are encouraged to contribute to this year's DRIVE to 25 here. Be sure to designate your gift to “School of Law” and note “DRIVE to 25” in the Additional Comments section. Let's drive beyond 25!