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Damon Duncan

Hometown: Charlotte, N.C.

Undergrad: Elon University

Future plans: To open Duncan Law in Greensboro, N.C.






Damon Duncan

Service: President, Student Bar Association •
Mentor, Leadership at Elon by Advising First-Year Students (L.E.A.F.S.) • Member, Dean Search Committee • Member, Graduation Committee • Admissions Ambassador • Volunteer, Guardian Ad Litem

Reflection:"The generosity of the law school's supporters has inspired a lot of pride among students here, helping to build a tradition for what Elon law students are going to be. Every law school has some form of support from the community, but I think the level of support that we get really sets us apart.  I have no doubt that this law school is going to be one that people are talking about, not only in North Carolina, not only in the southeast, but nationally, and even internationally, because we are engaged in learning with true leaders all around us who are invested in our success."

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