Committed to teaching, scholarship & service

Student life at Elon Law is enriched through a close association with faculty who provide a global perspective and a commitment to innovative teaching, scholarship and service. Members of the faculty are renowned experts in legal education, having authored numerous books, articles and presentations for national and international conferences aimed at improving teaching and learning in law schools. They are at the forefront of Elon’s mission to create a national model of engaged learning in legal education. In addition, the law school has actively recruited international law scholars who bring broad research and experiential credentials. Faculty members also are involved in an array of public service activities, sharing the view that service is an important professional obligation and a fundamental part of the ethos of Elon Law. Faculty members are actively engaged in scholarship addressing many of the nation’s and the world’s most pressing challenges.

Learn about some of the impacts of faculty scholarship and service in an article from Elon Law's 2013 annual report.

A 2012-'13 report on recent faculty scholarship and service is available here.

A 2011-'12 report on recent faculty scholarship and service is available here.

Faculty News

State overreach in local governance?

In this week’s Elon Law Now commentary, Distinguished Professor of the Judicial Process James G. Exum Jr. says that state legislation to alter the structure of Greensboro’s city council breaks with long-standing public policy and leads to less democratic, less responsive local government.

Hearsay Culture unveils new website

A new website for the technology, law and policy radio show and podcast hosted by Elon Law Professor David Levine features a mobile-friendly design, a new logo, expanded social network links and an embedded audio player for each show post.

Startup Weekend a sign of innovation era

Elon Law Professor John Flynn comments on the value of the collaborative approach to local entrepreneurial business development within the global Startup Weekend movement in this week’s “Elon Law Now” series.

The error of fast tracking the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement

Elon Law Professor David Levine calls for the public release of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, challenges the secret process by which the agreement was created and says "fast track" authority by Congress will result in the exclusion of expert and public input that could improve the international agreement.  

Luke Bierman proposes steps to reinvent legal education in American Bar Association publication

The dean of Elon University School of Law offers four steps to reinvent legal education in an April 15 article for the ABA Journal’s “The New Normal” series. 

“Gypsies” and “Nomads” are No-No’s in Italian

Elon Law Professor Antonette Barilla examines developing responses to migration flows and itinerant groups in Italy, in this week’s “Elon Law Now” series of faculty commentary.

Scott Gaylord examines First Amendment rights regarding freedoms of speech and religion

The recent scholarship of Constitutional Law expert Scott Gaylord examines the scope of First Amendment speech and religious liberty under the Roberts Court.

Steve Friedland presents on innovation in legal education at Western Law

Elon Law professor Steve Friedland delivered a presentation titled "Redesigning Legal Education One Archetypal Structure at a Time," to the faculty of Western Law at The University of Western Ontario in Canada on March 3. Friedland directs the Center for Engaged Learning in the Law at Elon.

Steven Friedland develops experiential learning in the law school classroom

Professor of Law Steven Friedland is on a mission to boost experiential learning in law school classrooms through hands-on techniques like simulations, role-playing, small group problem solving and interactive workshops. His teaching “team” includes fingerprint experts, K-9 police officers and their dogs, prosecutors, defense attorneys and Elon Law graduates.

Scott Gaylord presents on constitutional law at Loyola University Chicago School of Law

At the Loyola University Chicago School of Law's Constitutional Law Colloquium, held November 5 and 6, Elon Law professor Scott Gaylord presented research analyzing recent U.S. Supreme Court cases related to the Establishment Clause in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.