Committed to teaching, scholarship & service

Student life at Elon Law is enriched through a close association with faculty who provide a global perspective and a commitment to innovative teaching, scholarship and service. Members of the faculty are renowned experts in legal education, having authored numerous books, articles and presentations for national and international conferences aimed at improving teaching and learning in law schools. They are at the forefront of Elon’s mission to create a national model of engaged learning in legal education. In addition, the law school has actively recruited international law scholars who bring broad research and experiential credentials. Faculty members also are involved in an array of public service activities, sharing the view that service is an important professional obligation and a fundamental part of the ethos of Elon Law. Faculty members are actively engaged in scholarship addressing many of the nation’s and the world’s most pressing challenges.

Learn about some of the impacts of faculty scholarship and service in an article from Elon Law's 2013 annual report.

A 2012-'13 report on recent faculty scholarship and service is available here.

A 2011-'12 report on recent faculty scholarship and service is available here.

Faculty News

Why did the insanity defense fail in ‘American Sniper’ trial?

In this week’s “Elon Law Now” series, Professor Michael Rich explains Texas requirements to establish legal insanity in the context of the recently concluded trial of Eddie Ray Routh, the man who shot and killed Chris Kyle, subject of the recent Oscar-nominated film American Sniper, and his friend Chad Littlefield at a Texas shooting range. 

Did executive immigration order stumble over procedure?

On Feb. 17 a federal judge blocked the Obama administration’s executive action that seeks to shield millions of illegal immigrants from deportation. Elon Law Professor Enrique Armijo provides analysis of the decision’s central legal issue in this week’s “Elon Law Now.”

The use of automated technology in crime fighting

Elon Law Professor Michael Rich explored the implications of new technology in the identification of likely criminals at the 2015 Association of American Law Schools (AALS) Annual Meeting.

Detaining toddlers in the name of national security 

Elon Law Professor Heather Scavone examines U.S. justifications for family detention of immigrant women and children, spotlighting a lack of legal representation for these families, as part the “Elon Law Now” series of faculty analysis and commentary about current legal issues. 

Forced vaccination? 

Informing national debate about the role of government in stemming the spread of measles, Elon Law Professor Helen Grant offers analysis of current vaccination laws and points to potential gaps in U.S. health law. Grant's commentary is the first in a weekly “Elon Law Now” series providing faculty analysis of current legal issues.

Preparing lawyers in a transformational age

Elon Law Dean Luke Bierman writes in the inaugural issue of the Journal of Experiential Learning about reinventing legal education to prepare lawyers for success in a world moving rapidly toward 22nd century thought and practice.

David Crowe co-edits book on Sino-German relationship

"Germany and China: Transnational Encounters since the Eighteenth Century" includes chapters Crowe authored, including one that was co-written by an Elon  alumna who recently completed graduate work at Columbia University.

Antonette Barilla advances new approaches to enhance learning outcomes in law school and across higher education

Elon Law Professor Antonette Barilla recently presented scholarship at regional and international conferences on the benefits of classical instruction in rhetoric within legal education and on teaching techniques for increasingly diverse graduate program classrooms.

David Levine takes leadership role in analysis of trade secrets legislation

Through scholarship, public analysis and direct engagement with the U.S. Senate, Elon Law Professor David S. Levine has spotlighted legal risks associated with the proposed Defend Trade Secrets Act and the Trade Secret Protection Act.

New Family Justice Center breaks ground in Greensboro

Elon Law is an executive partner in the coalition advancing a new Guilford County Family Justice Center, which will house 17 provider agencies and create a single point of access for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and elder abuse.