Amicus Curiae

Elon University School of Law's student-run news organization

The purpose of the Amicus Curiae will be to disseminate information to the Elon University School of Law Student Body, Faculty, and Administration regarding what is taking place in the school, in the city, in the state, in the nation, and in the world.

Staff Members & Positions

            - Editor-in-Chief: Jennifer Bobowski
            - Managing Editor: John Boschini
            - Production Editor: Emily Seawell
            - Columns Editors: Amber Hughes, Annie Murphy

                    - Columnists:
                    o   Student Organization Spotlight Columnist:
                    o   Current Events Columnist: Kaalil Muhammad
                    o   Faculty Spotlight Columnist: Christian Robin
                    o   Alumni Spotlight Columnist: Ashley Binns

                  - Contributors: one per issue
                          o Regular contributor: Brandon Blalock
                          o Entertainment: Mitch Baroody, Pedro Mantilla
                          o Opinion contributor: