New Student Orientation

Course Assignments

Please find below some initial assignments for Class of 2017 students enrolled in specific courses in the fall 2014 semester. Members of the Class of 2017 should visit this web page daily throughout orientation week for updates on assignments from faculty.

Property Law, Cohorts A and C - Taught by Professor Steve Friedland

Assignments through Class number 2:

Focus: examining the definition of property and how it is acquired.
A Guide to the Book, located after the Table of Contents and Preface
How to Brief a Case, following the Guide to the Book
Pierson v. Post, 152-155
Brief Top Ten:  (1) Case Name  (2) Legal Issue?  (3)  Holding  (4) Procedural History (5) Important Facts (6) Rule of Law  (7) Application/Rationale (8) Concurrence (9) Dissent (10) Additional Information

Pierson v. Post, continued
Popov v. Hayashi, 156-159
Elliff v. Texon Drilling Co., 160-164
Supp., TBA

Civil Procedure I - Taught by Professor Catherine Dunham

Student Colleagues: Welcome to Civil Procedure Fall 2014.  The course Syllabus is available by clicking here and also posted on the course TWEN site.  Please carefully review the syllabus for information on the course and for details on the reading assignments.  Please note the new Law School attendance policy included on the course Syllabus.  We will begin the course on Monday, August 25, with an introduction to the relevant topics (pp. 1-25; the first reading assignment on the Syllabus).  Please also be prepared to begin discussing the first assignment on Personal Jurisdiction (pp. 53-77) in class beginning on Wednesday, August 27. 

All my best, Prof. Dunham

Torts I - Taught by Professor Enrique Armijo

For Monday August 25, in addition to your Syllabus, please read:

1. General Introduction; Introduction to Intentional Torts

a. Introduction to Torts: Why Have A Tort Law System?
· Casebook, pp. 1-14 (Introduction; you can skim Parts III and V except Note 1 at p. 7)
· Supplemental Reading: Orin S. Kerr, How to Read a Legal Opinion: A Guide for New Law Students, 11 Green Bag 1 (2007) (recommended)

b. Introduction to Intentional Torts: Alienation of Affection in North Carolina
· Supplemental Reading: Alienation of Affection: Heller v. Somdahl, 696 S.E.2d 857 (N.C. Ct. App. 2010)

2. Intentional Torts: Battery

· Casebook, pp. 15-22

Torts I (Cohorts A & B1) - Taught by Professor Helen Grant

For Class on Monday 08/25 read Chapter 1 of the Casebook , Best & Barnes , “Basic Tort Law: Cases, Statutes and Problems” (4th ed.)

Civil Procedure - Taught by Professor Eric Fink

For Class on Monday 8/25 read the course casebook pages 899 to 928, as well as Felstiner, Abel, and Sarat, "The Emergence and Transformation of Disputes: Naming, Blaming, Claiming ..." 15 Law and Society Review 631 (1980-81) [Edited version available via course website:]

Additional assignments from faculty will be added here in the days ahead.