Several Elon University professors will be available this election season to speak on issues related to the presidential race, media’s political coverage, polling and more.

Kenneth Fernandez, director of the Elon University Poll and immigration issues or (336) 278-6438

Jason Husser, assistant director of the Elon University Poll and public opinion or (336) 278-5239

Sharon Spray, presidential politics or (336) 278-6430

Laura Roselle, international relations and “strategic narratives” on the global stage, media and politics or (336) 278-6433

Chalmers Brumbaugh, electoral campaigns or (336) 278-6436

Betty Morgan, public policy, public administration & civic engagement or (336) 278-6428

Dion Farganis, Supreme Court, Affordable Care Act, judicial selection or (336) 278-6458

Scott Gaylord, Supreme Court and Affordable Care Act, judicial selection, First Amendment (speech/religion) or (336) 279-9331

Eric Fink, election-related activity by labor unions and potential implications of the election for labor law and policy or (336) 279-9334

Mark Kurt, national and North Carolina employment/labor figures or (336) 278-5915

Anthony Hatcher, religion and politics or (336) 278-5774

Rich Landesberg, media and politics or (336) 278-5112

Enrique Armijo, legal issues concerning political advertising on TV & radio; FCC requirements for media coverage of elections and broadcaster-sponsored debates or (336) 279-9327

David Levine, international trade, technology, voter fraud, campaign finance and election law or (336) 279-9200

Feel free to contact professors directly by office phone or email. For assistance in scheduling interviews, contact Eric Townsend in Elon’s Office of University Communications at (336) 278-7413.