Student Gmail Accounts

Google AppsOn June 1, Elon converted all student e-mail accounts to Google's web-based e-mail service, Gmail. E-mail addresses and passwords remain the same, and inbox contents transferred to the new Gmail accounts. For students who use Outlook Web Access, the migration required no additional work. Students who use an e-mail client, such as Outlook or Entourage, or mobile device should visit the Technology Wiki to learn about the few simple steps necessary to complete the migration.

Google's e-mail service is secure and provides increased storage capacity. Students will be able to retain their Elon e-mail address for as long as they like - no need to start a new account after graduation.

In addition to e-mail, Elon's partnership with Google provides students with a host of web-based applications. Google Apps is a package of applications that makes communicating and collaborating at school easier and more efficient. Learn more about Google Apps.

At this time, only student e-mail accounts have moved to Gmail. Faculty and staff will not move to Gmail, but can create personal Google accounts through Google's website.