Elon responds to the H1N1 flu virus

If a faculty or staff member becomes ill

In the event of a medical emergency, always call 9-1-1 and appropriate response personnel will be dispatched. If not an emergency, stay home and self-isolate if you are ill and follow the CDC’s recommendations regarding self-isolation.

  • Faculty and staff members who are ill should consult with their dean, department chair or supervisor as soon as possible. We anticipate faculty and staff may also need to stay home to attend to family members in their household who are ill.
  • We suggest that teaching faculty evaluate their syllabi for flexibility in the event of personal illness or illness in their household which requires their care-giving. The Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning (CATL) has developed resources for faculty and teaching staff which may address some of your questions regarding courses.
  • We may also experience multiple absences in administrative and service departments due to illness. Administrative and support area supervisors should develop plans for ongoing operations in the event of multiple absences in their offices or departments.
  • Faculty and staff may also utilize the phone triage strategies to assist them in determining whether they should self-isolate. Of course, faculty and staff can always come to Health Services according to personnel procedures ($10.00 co-pay) during operational hours for evaluation and treatment. There is also a physician’s assistant available for faculty and staff free on Thursday mornings in the Employee Wellness Building by Arts West.
  • Plans are being made for daily phone contact with ill students, faculty, and staff members who have been triaged at Heath Services throughout the duration of their isolation period to check on medical well-being.