South Africa Study Abroad

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Class of 2007

Kaitlyn Ahmed was a sophomore from Cary, North Carolina,majoring in both entrepreneurship and finance when she traveled to South Africa.


Elaine Anderson was a sophmore  psychology major, who loves to travel. She writes, "South Africa looked like a fun winter term study abroad program. I have a few friends who have traveled to South Africa and have told me amazing things about their trip. So I'm really looking forward to just learning about a new culture and traveling to a new area of the world!"

Laura Bernstein was a senior Communications major from Massachusetts. She says, "I have always wanted to go to this part of the world, and have been fascinated by the politics behind apartheid. It seems so strange to me that such horrible things were happening so recently."

Michael Bumbry, a senior from Ashland, Virginia, majored is Broadcast Communications and was the President of the Student Government Association. He expressed his reason for choosing the program in the following way: "I applied for the South Africa course because I knew it simply wouldn't be a trip for a period of three weeks. Based on my experience with Professor Layne, I expected to be pushed and challenged to rethink how we perceive life as Americans in our culture. I expect to learn much about the culture and people of South Africa and I anticipate bonding even more with our group. I look forward to the program and all that it will encompass. Just a little over 3 months left!"

William Campbell hails from outside Orlando, Florida. He traveled to South Africa as a junior and majored in film. He says, "I'm also really into photography, which is one of the reasons I was so interested in the South Africa program. Aside from a rich and interesting history, I've heard that South Africa is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and I can't wait to visit and take some pictures, and meet some cool new people along the way."

Angela Carlberg enrolled in the program as a senior, double majoring in Political Science and Public Administration with a minor in Women's/Gender Studies. She says, "I decided to go to South Africa because of the complex issues regarding race and gender that intersect with policy initiatives and outcomes. I have also never been outside of the US. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to learn a lot and initiate my world traveling career."

Anna Jordan Cobb was a sophomore and a double major in Spanish and International Studies. She says,"I have wanted to go to Africa since I was little and am so excited to experience the culture of this country. I am interested in learning more about apartheid, as well as interacting with the people of South Africa."

Kacey Cox was a junior majoring in English and minoring in Anthropology. She writes, "Going to South Africa seems like a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am looking forward to the course. I can't wait to experience South Africans' way of life from an anthropological and literary perspective."

Dionne Eleby was a junior majoring in musical theatre and minoring in African/African-American studies and Business Administration. "Sounds like a busy schedule? It is! I am so estatic to travel to South Africa and cannot wait until Fall semester is over. South Africa's history and its people inspire me everyday and remind me that nothing is impossible. The youth of Soweto rewrote history by taking a stand for what they believed to be fair and just in an oppressive situation. The youth of America need to stand for something greater than the nest fashion trend!"

Brian Foley was entering his junior year at Elon and  majoring in Business Marketing. He was also an Army ROTC cadet and very interested in the political revolution which ended apartheid. He notes, "As I read the required text Kaffir Boy, I am even more fascinated with South Africa and can't wait to explore this diverse and unique country." Brian is now an Iraq war veteran.

Christopher Ford was sophomore undeclared Communications major. He says, "I have never been to South Africa, and I am very much looking forward to this course. Africa is a continent that I do not know much about, and I'm anxious to learn. The communications aspect of the course was a big draw for me, but I am also excited to learn about all the other material in the syllabus"

Susan Ali Fuge, a junior Corporate Communications major from Potomac, MD, Ali says, "I wanted to study abroad in South Africa because it is a place I have always dreamed of going. I have heard so much about its rich culture and beautiful country that I can hardly wait until we leave."

Jennifer Gilbert majored in Economics. "I went to South Africa when I studied abroad on Semester at Sea. I fell in love with this country and have been dying to get back ever since I left. I hope one day to have the opportunity to work in South Africa. I want to learn more about the country's government and I am excited to see more of the country."

Katie Gordon hails from Ohio, and was a senior majoring in elementary Education. She previously traveled to Australia during her sophmore year for winterterm and loved the experience. She states, "I love learning about different cultures. I do not know a lot about South Africa and i'm really excited to learn more about the country and travel around."

Maureen Grewe was a sophomore majoring in psychology and double minoring in human services and history. "I love traveling and am excited to capitalize on this amazing opportunity to see a country many people never get to see. I can't wait to learn about the history and culture of South Africa and interact with new people."

Eugene Krasnopolsky was a junior economics major and history minor from Wilmington, DE. He notes, "Having grown up in Latvia for most of my life, I have learned to appreciate many of the various cultures outside of the United States. I am very excited to travel to South Africa and partake in this once in a lifetime experience. I look forward to touring throughout South Africa and seeing the culture and beauty of the area."

Kate Kirkpatrick a junior Economics major and Religion minor, Kate is from Hershey, PA and loves traveling. "I have always wanted to visit Africa, and I am so excited to travel for these three weeks and really experience the culture and country of South Africa."

Nicole Lonero was a sophmore at Elon and a Coporate Communications major and a psychology minor.
I am from Boston, and I am really excited because I have always wanted to go to South Africa. I am looking forward to seeing different parts of the country and being a part of a foreign culture."

Heather MacVane was a senior exercise sport science major. "I love traveling and spent the last semester in Italy. I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to travel to South Africa and learn about thier culture and history. I cannot wait to see this part of the world."

Morgan Massey was a senior business major, and her travel to South Africa was the third winter term program with Elon. She writes, "I love traveling to different countries and being able to experience new people, places, and cultures. Studying abroad in South Africa is such a rare opportunity, and I’m incredibly excited to learn all about the country."

Julie McGowan was a junior business management major, and a leadership minor. "I'm very excited about this course because I feel that it is an amazing opportunity, and we will be able to experience many different aspects of South African culture."

Maura McGrath was a sophomore  majoring in Communications. She says, "I have never been to South Africa, but I have heard nothing but amazing things from those I know who have. I am looking forward to learning about the culture and meeting people who are from such a different background than my oen."

Amachiyana Payton writes, "I have never been to South Africa but its history and culture have always caught my attention. I am entering my junior year at Elon, as a history and psychology major and i am very excited to be a part of this program. I am very open-minded to all cultures, but i specifically enjoy learning about different African cultures because it allows me to explore cultures that relate closely to me and my ancestors."

Adam Pierson was a senior accounting major. He writes, " The reason I chose this particular program was so that I could have a winter term experience that would rival all of the others, and this is the last chance for such an experience. I am very excited to meet and hang out with a new group of people and explore the culture and lifestyle of South Africa."

Margot Stephenson was a junior Broadcast Communication Major who hails from Madison, New Jersey. She says, "I'm looking for a different experience and that is why I chose South Africa. I've been interested in South Africa since I read the book, The Power of One, in high school. It seems like an exciting and beauitful place that I can't wait to see."

Jaclyn Tordo was a sophmore Human Services major and Criminal Justice minor/ She notes,"I feel that going to South Africa will be an eye-opening experience for me. I am also a 2009 Periclean Scholar, and I know that I will be able to share aspects of the culture and national issues with my fellow Periclean Scholars, which will aid us in the early stages of our global project. South Africa amazes me because it is a country that has so much potential and promise, despite its harsh history."

Julia Vaughan was a junior business major from Kansas City. She says, "I have been fortunate enough to have already traveled to Kenya. When I saw that I might have another opportunity to go back to Africa and travel around the beautiful country of South Africa, I knew I had to apply for this program. I am so excited to see all of the sights and become familiar with the culuture and history of South Africa."

John Washington traveled to South Africa as a junior from Charlotte, NC, majoring in finance. "I chose to apply for the South Africa program because I am interested in studying the history of another culture. South Africa is known for its beauty as well as its culturally rich history, so I thought it would be a perfect place to study. Also, I did a little research on Dr. Layne and found out that she was good teaching candidate for the trip. (Thanks John!)I figured her background would compliment the course of study. I look forward to meeting new people as well as exploring a new part of the world."

Christine Wilson was a Senior who hails from Atlanta, GA. She graduated with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. "I am really excited  to travel to South Africa. I have always wanted to visit the country since I was little, and my uncle came back from his trip to South Africa and told me so many great stories about it. I am interested in learning about the people and the country in general, and how it is so different from the U.S. It will be a great experience!"

Lindsey Winek, entering her sophomore year as a Business major discusses why she enrolled in the program: "I have always been a huge Dave Matthews fan, and he sparked a huge interest for the country in me. I hope that this program will give me a better understanding of a place full of so much culture and history."


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